Break/Fix Service Calls

Let Us Troubleshoot Your Hardware and Software with your 24/7 On-Call Team

Assist A Boss offer world-class break/fix service calls with American IT Professionals. Our professional are here to Assist when a piece of your hardware or software breaks or fails to function correctly.

Pay-Per-Use Model

This option is ideal for businesses with minimal IT problems, paying only when service is needed can be more economical. Unlike managed IT services, there are no ongoing costs, potentially leading to savings if issues are rare.

Direct Response to Issues

Assist A Boss is on-call for Immediate Problem Solving. When a problem arises, Our focus is solely on resolving that specific issue. We set clear resolution goals, identifying objectives that are clear-cut, revolving around fixing the existing problem.


We make the process easy to understand. Due to the transactional nature of break/fix services is straightforward and easy for anyone to comprehend. Assist A Boss also offer no-long term commitments, We do not require our customers to be tied down by lengthy contracts, providing flexibility.

Rapid Deployment

Our break/fix professionals will be able to address issues quickly. Our Ad-Hocc Support option allows for service to be utilized on demand.

Easy & Simple – No Coding Required!

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Direct Response to Issues


Rapid Deployment